If Everyone Did Alexander Technique…

I have often wondered if a very personal division of the self cannot help but reflect an internal war. There was a time when I wondered if everyone practiced Alexander Technique, which is a discipline that helps heal the splits in those who practice it, would there would have been no war in some situations? Because AT teaches a person to insert a pause of self-control over their knee-jerk reactive assumptions – couldn’t that have an effect on the world for peace? But if everyone did any one of a number of things differently, there would not have been a war.

Now that I have checked out my hypothesis, I have had enough proof to surmise that Alexander Technique doesn’t have any automatic prescriptive ideals that indoctrinate the learner. As far as I can tell, the only value judgment that Alexander teachers are providing is the benefit of effortless. Through the study of that, you’ll find out how much you waste your energy, and learn to redirect it where you want to spend it. However, where and why you do want to channel your energy is entirely up to you.

An example from historic culture is the Samurai; they were very precise at studying and channeling the efficient use of their energy toward defense and war.

My opinion also comes from getting to know personally almost everyone I could who I noticed had Alexandrian natural good use through the course of my adult life. Some were ethical, sane people, capable of amazing compassion, …and some were not. Some were really mentally twisted far over on the other end of the scale. Seems that a person can still have excellent Alexandrian “use,” and also still have some conflict inside themselves that they haven’t yet figured out which could mean…anything.

People can also still misinterpret external situations to require defending themselves, no matter how well their usual “sane” interpretation of other stimulus works. It’s especially rampant when you make someone responsible for other people, because someone can so easily second-guess the risk of what it might cost other people if they didn’t act – or what other people would require them to do in service.

This seems to be a common “what if” that many people have about their favorite enthusiam, thinking it’s so good for everything and everyone. People have to find out for themselves, but how else will they know if they don’t hear your enthusiasm? All you can do is hold the thing up, show them how it works and see if they can recognize that it could be good for them.

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