Alexander Technique Compared to Assumptions of Psychology

I believe that much of AT does share some similar effects with psychology. The psychological field aims for the effect of being free from problematic patterns of thinking, as does AT. This is often done by offering talking perspectives about the self through learning about others who shared our circumstances, which does happen in AT classes. AT uses a very different, more physical means than the talking & study cures of psychology. The catharsis of the many differing psychological techniques indirectly aim to affect and renew our autonomy and self-image. Experiencing ATaffects self-image immediately and irrefutably.As far as I know, it is only AT that specializes in self-improvement using the somatic process that can be applied in the moment; AT teaches effortlessness in an immediate, physical manner of moving. To get the psychological benefits of AT, someone doesn’t have to dredge up the past or apply the current fads to see if they apply – a person’s unfinished issues will surface as they change how they express their intentions. The often unfortunate reasons outdated habits were installed in the first place gradually become resolved in physical freedom and refreshed perceptual capacity. It is also true that AT may reveal contradictions between motives that could require a more professional psychological solution.
The most unique thing about AT is that studying it frees up outdated core perceptual assumptions that are
expressed in restricted movement, no matter how ingrained these assumptions once were. In that way, AT
is a very psychological discipline that addresses the whole person, but from the somatic direction. Change
the physical expression, make movement easier, and the even mysterious inward emotional compensations will be revealed. Of course, then it’s always your choice to continue, stop them, fulfill them in other ways rather than the habitual way or get more professional ideas what to do about your issues.
Psychology differs in one important distinction from Alexander’s work. Much of psychology is based on the idea of catharsis.Many psychological approaches assume that if you dive into and thoroughly explore some issue of yours, it no long has a hold on you. Alexander Technique is based on prevention: as you are doing more of what you want to do, by a process of elimination, you can’t be doing what you do not want to be doing because you can’t go in both directions at once. With A.T. you learn to leave what you do not want behind you while you get on with doing what you do want.

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