Hello There!

One of my Alexander Technique students with me on the beach in MexicoThis is the actual date this blog was started on August 26th, 2007. I have many back-posts that had already been written to collect here that I had mixed in with previous writing; as well as on various blogs and websites that I have written for in the past.

I hope that you enjoy my collection of writings on the subjects related to Alexander Technique principles, ideas and personal experience. I also hope that you will enjoy the experiences and reports of my students as they come to post here. Some of these stories I can tell for them, but it is always so much better to read what they have to say in their own words.

Here is one of my students who is also my sister-in- law, who speaks, sings and writes songs in fluent Spanish. This is a picture of us vacationing at her rental on the beach in Mexico. She has also recently visited me in Hawaii, where we had lots of fun applying the Alexander Technique to swimming and helping her avoid the pains of an old worsening back injury when she did some gardening to help out a friend she was visiting on the Big Island.


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