Pass The Rut

Mistakes aren’t so embarrassing during the learning process. But it’s especially humbling when we find ourselves mysteriously doing the wrong thing repeatedly after we’re supposed to know better. We used to do or can envision a hopeful, practical or necessary improvement, but we can’t get ourselves to do it the way we want.

Not A Know-It-All

Being only human also means not knowing it all. Humans seem to be short-sighted by nature. We order priorities as best we can, but often can’t predict the total effect of what might occur over time. Whatever we practice, we train ourselves to do – even if it’s not what we want. Decisions about what we want are made with certain intentions in mind, but sometimes it’s not even possible to imagine all of the factors. How success is defined may need to answer new or extra factors that only get revealed later. As situations change gradually, we might not notice that it’s about to be a whole new game. Sometimes we adapt brilliantly to extraordinary circumstances, but later it’s unnecessary. Sometimes we dig our own hole too deeply from being “once bitten, twice shy.” Trying too hard can cause the littlest wrong thing to go ballistic.

Piggyback Problems

So it’s obviously not merely a matter of motivation to want to do what’s right – or even being clueless. It’s a matter of not being able to get rid of whatever we do while learning that is steering us wrong. By accident what we don’t want somehow piggy-backed onto what we ended up learning.

Alexander Technique shows to undo what we learn by accident. The first step is polishing up your perception. That takes nothing special, just plain old self-observation.

Now, can anyone tell me something about how to notice what is going on with yourself? Any takers on this question?

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