Happy to be Wrong

Everyone is wrong because we all have a limited point of view by nature of it’s point in time, to varied degrees. We’re wrong in relationship to it’s point in our lives, it’s point in relation to our experience or lack of it – our ability to carry through on our knowledge or skill and many other factors.

Defining something as “not making sense”, chaotic, divine or magical is usually because we do not perceive or understand it’s organization – yet. This urge to define is both what makes us wrong -and write. Or Right and Rong. Or Rightly Rung.
Edward de Bono, grandfather of lateral thinking, calls being right “using proto-truth.” Meaning, we use the best, most operative truth known for now.
It’s a happy thing to realize one’s wrongness – especially when the surprise comes from a perceptual mistake. Wrong is an education – now you can make it right. Whereas before you could not percieve the difference that made a difference. Or you didn’t care to make it right because right is too costly.
As my mechanical friends tell me: Proper maintenance is usually quite a bit less expensive than repair.

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