Free Workshop

Coming up on Sat. Feb. 19th 2001 is a free three hour workshop in Alexander Technique at Tutu’s House on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Of course, you can’t learn Alexander Technique in a few hours, just as you can’t learn to play a musical instrument instantly either.  But you’ll be able to get a taste of what the study of A.T. could do for you. You’ll learn some of the principles that apply to daily life, and will get some practice at reading body language as you may have never seen it before.  You’ll also get some insights about self-observation, (which seems to be a rare skill.) It will be a fun time, because some who are coming are professional musicians who will demonstrate their “stuff” during their quest to improve.

You’ll find out about some of the famous people who have studied the Technique, some of the history and various styles of teaching it. You’ll find out who thinks it’s valuable and why.

If you play an instrument or spend time at an art or sport, bring along the props you’ll need for authentic demonstration of the way you move if that’s possible. You’ll learn to do these things easier and with less wasted effort. Sometimes people get a flash of personal insight too.

Some of my current and returning students will also be there, so it won’t just be a total beginner’s class. Hope you can join us!

Here’s the link to Tutu’s House with directions from withing Hawaii. Of course, if you are not, the first part would be “jump on a plane to the Big Island…”