Why Buy A.T.?

So – let’s take a lesson from someone professional about “attractors” of why people buy and how they define what they want.

According to Sally Hogshead, people become fascinated and buy for certain reasons. Let’s relate these to Alexander Technique…

  • Mystique (because A.T. satisfies curiosity or spiritual purpose)
  • Emotional passion (because A.T. recovers a hobby or skill that was lost)
  • Power, command and authority (because A.T. makes the uncontrolled controllable)
  • Rebellion and vice – (because A.T. surpasses knee-jerk conditioned responses)
  • Prestige and social approval (because A.T. provides a means to fame for performers)
  • Trust and belonging (because it allows membership, body learning and longevity)
  • Fear and alarm (because it solves urgent or distressing mystery problems)

Let’s try another approach. Let’s be bold and declare exactly what we, as teachers of Alexander Technique, do have to offer people. What do you have to offer others from your own personal story? For instance, I’ve been using A.T. to avoid a knee replacement since I’ve been in my early twenties, which has given me high level of personal compassion for those who have been dealing with ongoing painful medical mysteries. Because I taught myself I can teach someone to juggle who is truly a klutz – someone who doesn’t even know how to throw. I can teach pool- billiard shooters, because shooting 8-ball was the first skill I used A.T. to learn from scratch. Having done it myself, I’ve taught myself how to change the way I spoke – complete with how I breathe as I talked. I can teach singers because I used A.T. to learn singing and playing the piano at the same time.
That’s a few of my unique perspectives.
An Alexander Technique teacher can:

  • perceive a student’s subtle repeating body language patterns in a flash of insight with sharp observation that isn’t judgemental about the content of a student’s values.
  • Design specific examples that express and teach abstract concepts. If you teach something, I can offer you originally designed lessons that integrate A.T. principles in your specialization
  • Teach students to observe themselves, in action, as they are doing something, below their usual levels of awareness. (Where else can students learn self-observation?)
  • Because I encourage questioning and constantly articulate WHY I’m teaching the way I do, my students become autonomous quickly and use their freedom to make their own discoveries that brings out their creative abilities and hidden skills.
  • Rather than subjecting a student to prepared course material, private lessons grasp a student’s alternative viewpoint, perspective and idiosyncratic concerns. Meaning: private lessons are tailored to unusual mixtures of learning styles.
  • have the ability to merge paradoxical extremes into practical, usable factors. This means that the movement the doctor said you should not do anymore will become possible, given directed, patient practice. Alexander Technique teachers are a living human gait laboratory.
  • Students learn to size up the situation perceptively and become able to take constructive action instead of wasting their efforts at self-improvement.

Please tell me about your strengths as an Alexander Technique teacher (or the amazing things Alexander Technique teachers can do or have done in your presence!) in our Facebook discussions – or whatever comes up for you from what I’ve written here and I’ll address what we discuss in future posts. If enough interest in generated, perhaps we can start a Facebook page where students can talk about how interesting their Alexander Technique teachers are and the insights they offer.


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