Who Writes Here?

Franis Engel began training to teach Alexander Technique in 1978 at ACT in San Francisco and also studied with master teacher Marj Barstow for ten years. A speciality is making Alexander’s principles easy to understand using the practical classroom “application” style. Engel is also a writer, artist and reviewer for the A.T. profession in trade magazines and online articles, and has been published in a book distributed to nursing & other schools that educates on Alternative health disciplines. A handbook on Alexander class topics is available for purchase.

Website: http://www.franis.org/Alexander


2 thoughts on “Who Writes Here?

  1. Hi Franis…Thanks for your very pertinent comment on my website OurRightBrain…I have been browsing through your various postings on several sites…I am very impressed with your in depth study of two highly complicated disciplines,Bohmian Dialogue and Alexander Technique…the reward of such study is to become aware of their relatedness and commonality…hope to carry on a dialogue with you at Word Press.


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