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Follow Fran on Twitter! @ATpoise and @learncreativity Franis Engel is a writer, an artist and reviewer. A handbook on Alexander Technique is available for her students; she has written many introductory A.T. articles too. See more of her writing about her work at: http://www.franis.org/Alexander Starting in 1977, Franis Engel then trained at the San Francisco ACT certified teacher training course of Frank Ottiwell & Giora Pincas for half of the required 1600 hours; she then continued study with Marj Barstow in trade for writing about Marj's approach. Engel has been teaching since 1985, specializing in simplification of A.T. for conceptual learners using the "activity" model teaching approach pioneered by Marj Barstow. You can learn more about Engel from downloading a podcast of an interview with Franis at http:// www.alexanderaudio.com/teachers Engel is available to teach by invitation for your specialized group, workshop or class. She also offers private or shared lessons; $65. to $80. ea. Significant discount for a eight lesson series available. Please contact if you'd be interested in a class series in your area. http://www.franis.org/Alexander Fran Engel, Alexander Technique teacher 808-756-9249 franis_engel@yahoo.com or in Calif. at 415-868-0420 mobile during Sept.- Nov.

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